Health and Lifestyle

An opportunity to make a fresh start with Slimming and Weight Control, Stress Management & Relaxation, Health & Fitness Improvement, and Stop Smoking.  

These courses operate from Sunday to Friday and have been developed to provide an intensive specialised package that will maximize the benefits of your programme.

All programs include structured exercise sessions in the gymnasium and the Crystal Pool Complex, a daily guided walk in the fresh Highland air, a healthy diet and pure water.

These natural ways to improve your health are strongly encouraged at Roundelwood. In the Builders evenings there are short, interesting lectures on a number of life-style subjects, cookery demonstrations, fitness and relaxation classes etc.

For those wishing to enhance their treatment program with Law Courses / Accident Claims optional extra treatments, a full range of additional treatments is available on request. Additional treatments are subject to availability at the time.

  • Fit For Life - For men and women who wish to improve their health and fitness.  

  • Stress Management - Achieve maximum relaxation, both physically and mentally, tailored for men and women.

  • Slimming & Weight Control - Designed to encourage you with significant weight loss during your stay with information you need to continue your weight loss afterwards.

  • Arthritis Relief - Specialist physiotherapy designed to help relieve the discomfort of Arthritis and improve mobility and quality of life.

  • Stop Smoking - Even heavy-long term smokers can give up cigarettes with this programme.

  • Health a la Carte - Beauty is more than skin deep, this a la carte package combines the benefits of a healthy break with a full range of luxury beauty treatments and therapies for your special needs. This package is available for 2 or 5 Day Breaks.

  • Relaxation Packages - Enjoy all the advantages of the health spa plus one hour of treatment each day with more freedom for relaxation, local sight-seeing, shopping, local sports and attractions. This package is available for 2 or 5 day stays.

Health Education

As part of your value programme, our health professionals offer you short, interesting lectures on a number of important lifestyle subjects, which can make a difference to the way you eat, exercise and even think. During your stay at Roundelwood, we hope to challenge your existing lifestyle and help you discover a healthier approach to life that suits your everyday routine. Add a personalised exercise programme, fitness classes, relaxation classes and cookery demonstrations and you will be ready to make the fresh start you deserve!

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Lifestyle - There are 5 different packages available, these have been specially developed by our professional staff to provide an intensive specialised programme to help you maximize the benefits.
Lose that extra weight - As well as looking at diet, we also look at your current lifestyle and offer guidance on the appropriate changes that will most benefit you.
Relax and take life more easily - A specially designed programme will be arranged for you, which will aid stress management and relaxation.
Health a la Carte - A programme designed to incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, this includes exercise and diet, but also recognises the importance of feeling confident about your personal appearance, offering open choice for your treatments.
Stop smoking - A compact and concentrated attack over five consecutive days to help speed up the withdrawal symptoms, to make you a confirmed non-smoker as quickly a possible.


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