5 Day Arthritis Relief Lifestyle Package

A programme designed to help relieve the discomfort of Arthritis and improve mobility and quality of life. Under the direction of our Chartered Physiotherapists, the programme includes a number of treatments that have proved beneficial in the relief of pain and imflammation, while improving muscle tone and the mobility of affected joints.

Your treatments include:

  • 5 Physiotherapy Treatments - A full consultation and assessment with appropriate treatments.
  • 5 Hydrotherapy Sessions - In a heated exercise pool with underwater massage
  • 2 and Half Hours Massage
  • 3 sessions of Hot Wax / Hot Packs or Hot Blanket
  • Dead Sea hand and foot treatment
  • A body exfoliation or facial.

Arthritis sufferers have gone away with a feeling of well-being and have achieved greater mobility and comfort for the treatments offered here at Roundelwood.

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Lifestyle - There are 5 different packages available, these have been specially developed by our professional staff to provide an intensive specialised programme to help you maximize the benefits.
Lose that extra weight - As well as looking at diet, we also look at your current lifestyle and offer guidance on the appropriate changes that will most benefit you.
Relax and take life more easily - A specially designed programme will be arranged for you, which will aid stress management and relaxation.
Health a la Carte - A programme designed to incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, this includes exercise and diet, but also recognises the importance of feeling confident about your personal appearance, offering open choice for your treatments.
Stop smoking - A compact and concentrated attack over five consecutive days to help speed up the withdrawal symptoms, to make you a confirmed non-smoker as quickly a possible.


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