5 Day Stop Smoking Lifestyle Package

A programme which makes stopping smoking as comfortable and convenient as possible. Our aim is to help you detox and rid your body of nicotine and other harmful chemicals., followed by support and treatment to assist you through withdrawal and to permanently break the habit. Even heavy, long-term smokers can give up cigarettes with the Roundelwood Stop Smoking Programe.

Diet, exercise and rest are all important keys to your success. To begin with we work to eliminate the toxins and poisons present in your system and most importantly to rid your system of nicotine. The combination of a high fluid diet and various treatments help detox the body in a short time. A qualified Course Director and Physiotherapist will explain the medical aspects of smoking and answer any questions you may have. This package includes daily counselling, a personal exercise training programme and nine and a half hours of treatments.

Your treatments include:

  • Daily Counselling
  • Physiotherapy French Consultation
  • 3 Body Treatments - To relax, detox and reactivate your system
  • Head Massage - To improve concentration, relieve tension, stimulate circulation and give an overall sense of well-being.
  • Relax Tight Muscles
  • Incresase & Maintain Motion
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  • Work Preventatively Relieving the Frequency &
  • Severity of Future Problems
  • Pure whey protein drink ideas
  • Improve Coordination
  • Decrease Stress
  • A Full body Detox or Stress Massage
  • Altereglow - club & rave wear!
  • Back Neck & Shoulder Massage - To melt away tension
  • Hydro Active Mineral Salt Scrub - Remove dead cells, stimulate circulation and leave skin feeling soft as silk
  • Plus Dead Sea hand and Foot treatment, 2 hot blanket or hot packs, hydrotherapy, aromatic bath
  • One choice from: facial (cleansing or relaxing) manicure, pedicure, G5 deep tissue massage

One thing for certain is you will feel better and be fitter as you eliminate the various harmful toxins from your body. Many people are surprised how easy and enjoyable giving up smoking can be.

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Programmes with a specific focus are only available on the full 5-Day Health Programme as this is the minimum amount of time required to truly benefit from your treatments but we recommend a 12-Day Health Programme to achieve maximum installing solar panels results from your stay.

Our promise to you is that we will proudly stand behind what we sell. Our rigorous quality standards ensure a reliable product, one that deserves the label of the best backed spa in the industry.

We offer full line of sanitisers, oxidisers, balancers and accessories all formulated for maximum performance and value. This section contains a wealth of information on Spa care and maintenance.

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Lifestyle - There are 5 different packages available, these have been specially developed by our professional staff to provide an intensive specialised programme to help you maximize the benefits.
Lose that extra weight - As well as looking at diet, we also look at your current lifestyle and offer guidance on the appropriate changes that will most benefit you.
Relax and take life more easily - A specially designed programme will be arranged for you, which will aid stress management and relaxation.
Health a la Carte - A programme designed to incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, this includes exercise and diet, but also recognises the importance of feeling confident about your personal appearance, offering open choice for your treatments.
Stop smoking - A compact and concentrated attack over five consecutive days to help speed up the withdrawal symptoms, to make you a confirmed non-smoker as quickly a possible.


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