5 Day Slimming and Weight Control Lifestyle Package

This package is designed to encourage you with a significant weight loss during your stay at Roundelwood and will provide you with the information you need to continue your weight loss afterwards. Exercise in the gym, pool and out-of-doors, is complemented with 10 hours of treatments designed to promote slimming and weight reduction. A sensible and scientific approach to weight loss. Specialised body treatments are used from the Veribel Range formulated to help with poor blood circulation, sluggish digestive system, poor metabolism, fat reduction, cellulite, fluid retention and poor skin condition.

Recent clients:

Your treatments include:

  • Dietary Consultation - with a dietician to provide you with a personal plan to maintain continued weight loss until you reach your desired goal.
  • Physiotherapy
  • 5 Veribel Treatments - the guidance of a therapist ensures that treatments are chosen to suit your own specific needs.
  • Daily Slendertone or Toning - An effective way of improving muscle tone to specific areas through passive/gentle exercise.
  • Back Neck & Shoulder Massage
  • Hydro Active Mineral Salt Scrub or Facial
  • One choice from : manicure, pedicure, or G5.
  • There is also Disabled car parking provided for orange badge holders.

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There are disabled changing rooms, toilets and lockers at the pool side. Access to the pool can be gained by use of the special portable hoist, which swimmers can have brought into the changing room if desired.

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Our delicious vegetarian cuisine is health-enhancing, nutritious and filling and we offer various treatments to trim and tone the body.
Call Reservations on 020 7 4585 5522 .

Programmes with a specific focus are only available on the full 5-Day Health Programme as this is the minimum amount of time required to truly benefit from your treatments.


Roundelwood,Health Spa Surrey Road London WE34 IDS
Tel +44 (0)20 7512 22545   E-mail info@roundelwood.org.uk

Lifestyle - There are 5 different packages available, these have been specially developed by our professional staff to provide an intensive specialised programme to help you maximize the benefits.
Lose that extra weight - As well as looking at diet, we also look at your current lifestyle and offer guidance on the appropriate changes that will most benefit you.
Relax and take life more easily - A specially designed programme will be arranged for you, which will aid stress management and relaxation.
Health a la Carte - A programme designed to incorporate all aspects of a healthy lifestyle, this includes exercise and diet, but also recognises the importance of feeling confident about your personal appearance, offering open choice for your treatments.
Stop smoking - A compact and concentrated attack over five consecutive days to help speed up the withdrawal symptoms, to make you a confirmed non-smoker as quickly a possible.


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